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updated: 8/12/2020


1. The Client shall provide all necessary info & data to the second party and is responsible for the completeness. Any late submission of information may affect or delay the completion time and any late confirmation of the in-progress work may affect or delay the completion time.

2. The second party should deliver the production with agreed content, agreed number of copies and the agreed size to the first party at the agreed time.

3. The first party shall give clear instructions to the second party. In the event of any conflict and/or discrepancies between the correspondences, the succeeding correspondence shall override the preceding one. When the first party's failure caused the second party to redo some of the work, the first party should pay for the extra work. Both parties can either go on with the agreement or sign a supplemental agreement.

4. The second party will be responsible for making changes or complements when making mistakes or omissions. Changes to the design or new requirements made by the first party may result in an additional fee and delivery extension depending on the actual workload occurred.

5. The first party should give 50% of the total as the down payment to the second party after signing the agreement. The rest of the due payment should be paid after completion of the production, or the second party has the right to withhold delivery.

6. The second party will only be responsible to make the visual effects of the design to meet the demands of the first party. The first party's full payment or signing the confirmation of delivery will be regarded as the completion of the project unless there is another written agreement between both sides.

7. If the data, writings or drawings provided by the first party for the CG production involve ownership or copyrights of a third party, the first party should make it clear at the very beginning. The signing of the agreement by both sides will be regarded as the guarantee that all data, writing and graphics provided by the first party will not result in any act of tort. Thus the first party will be responsible for all possible acts of infringement.


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